Karaoke bars install 80 Microsoft Surfaces

first_imgWe’ve been seeing Microsoft‘s innovative Surface multitouch table technologies for many years, at least on the web, but few of us have actually had an opportunity to play with one. Well, if you’re willing to book a flight to Hong Kong, you might be able to remedy that situation.A karaoke bar called Red Mr. in Hong Kong has just installed its own Surface… in fact, not just one Surface, but almost eighty, across all of their various chain outlets.The Surface, lest you have forgotten, is a 30-inch multitouch table top computer capable of measuring up to fifty two points of touch at once, which allows multiple people to interact with the table at once. It’s not a traditional multitouch set-up, though, since it uses five cameras underneath the table to measure where hands are… similar to the way the Kinect works, in fact. The Surface is an ideal gadget for groups: it’s design makes it perfect for the likes of board games (and Dungeons & Dragons). You’ve been able to see the Surface in the wild for a while now at places like AT&T stores and Disneyland, but Red Mr’s is the largest roll-out of the tech yet… all in the pursuit of karaoke. Is there anything badly singing over a song in a drunken environment can’t accomplish?Read more at Akihabara Newslast_img