Linden Hospital now offering urological services

first_imgThe Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) at Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) is now offering urological services, which cater for both medical diagnosis and surgical procedures.The services, which commenced at the Hospital last November, are currently offered in the second week of every month, from Monday to Thursday, targeting both males and females.Medical services are being provided by Urological Surgeon Dr Brian Niles.Speaking with Guyana Times, while the clinic was being held on Monday, Dr Niles said one of the most common issues dealt with currently was prostate diseases such as prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. Others include urinary retention commonly called “stoppage of water” due to enlarged prostate, kidney stones and sexually-related issues including impotence, erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, total and urinary incontinence.According to Dr Niles, the urology clinic has, so far, received great support from members of the community.Dr Brian Niles“The turnout initially was fairly strong, and it has progressively increased. Each month, more and more individuals are showing up. This morning (Monday) alone, we had more than a dozen people,” he explained. Dr Niles continued that so far, he has seen a “credible volume” of urological disorders in patients in the Linden community, as he pointed out that the services were still at ‘phase 1’, which entails community awareness. At this stage, he said, the aim is also to achieve relevant attention to better address the urological related issues.His first surgical operation since the commencement of the clinic was scheduled for Tuesday last.Dr Niles further pointed out that there were challenges such as the unavailability of prescription drugs and equipment. With regard to the former, he noted, however, that there were pharmacies within Linden where the drugs were available if they were unavailable at the LHC. In relation to the lack of equipment, he said, this is still the discovery stage; therefore; the Hospital’s management is working to have those on board.“We’re working with the hospital administration now to get the equipment on stream as soon as possible,” he said.last_img